Airport dating protocol

Even if you don’t understand her, at least you know you will both have good experience.

Hint hint, you are currently in one of the Foodiest city in the world.

Thai people are slightly more modest and timid (even guys), so you have to thread that line more carefully.

Make no mistakes, it is important to be dominant, but pay great attention to social cues and avoid pushing too far.

Remember, making mistakes certain mistakes such as these will put the girls in the defensive mode.

While dating Thai girls, doing one wrong thing could lead to them being on guard and rejecting you, messing up the interactions completely.

There are hundreds of restaurants for you to venture into.

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In either case, do avoid talking about sensitive topics.

If you want to be dating Thai girls for a long term relationship, or finding life partners. Ask yourself, if you are a smart, capable, working, intelligent Thai women, where would you be hanging out?

The thoughts of striking up conversations in public parks, shopping malls eg.

However, the best part is that you will have a wide selection of dating partners, plus you don’t even have to utter a word.

Aside from dating apps, Thai people also use Facebook messages and Line very religiously.

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